🠈  Nogales, Arizona  🠊

Nogales is city on the US/Mexican border. Nogales, Arizona is the County Seat of Santa Cruz County. In 2010, it had a reported population of 20,837.

On the South side of the border, Nogales is a rapidly expanding municipality in the Mexican State of Sonora. Nogales had a population of 212,533 which expanded from 159,103 in 2000.

Nogales was named for a grove of black walnut trees. The town was established in 1841 by a grant from the Mexican government to the Elias family. The Northern section of Nogales became part of the Unite States with the Gadsden purchase in 1853.

After the Gadsen Purchase, Nogales became a major hub of International Trade. Today Nogales sits at the terminus of US Interstate 19 and the beginning of Mexican Federal Highway 15. There are four ports of entry which facility over $26 billion in International trade.

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